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"I made great memory at Canada English School and made many friends. I'm so happy. Please keep in touch with me."

Yuko N.  

"Our son, Kunihiro, enjoyed his life with you. We thank you from the bottom of our heart."

Kenjiro and Misako  



Canada English School
1919 Sunnycrest Ave.
Kamloops, BC Canada
V2B 4L9

Tel: 1-250-554-1634

A private Canadian

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Izumi in the wildflowers



Have fun while learning English!

Imagine learning English while living with a Canadian family. During school hours, you and your own teacher work together to help you learn English as fast as you can with a program of study made especially for you. After class, you continue learning as you share in the day-to-day activities of a Canadian family. In the evening, you may choose to spend time with your homestay family or continue to study English with the many learning resources available for your use. Later, you may choose go to a movie with your new Canadian friends or just stay home and watch one of the over two hundred movies in Canada English School's collection. Or maybe, you'll take a walk in a nearby nature park. The choice is yours!


  • Small school: Five students or less per teacher
  • $1,850CDN every four weeks; includes tuition and homestay
  • Conversation, grammar, and pronunciation classes
  • TOEFL and TOEIC lessons
  • Activities: shopping, crafts, & nature hikes
  • Sight-seeing: Banff, Vancouver and Victoria
  • Beginners and older students are welcome
  • High-speed Internet access in classroom



"I am 25 years old and I come from Argentina. I studied English at Canada English School for 10 weeks. I had a great experience there. I stayed with a wonderful family that taught me and corrected my English all day long, even after the English classes. My English improved very fast because all day I was talking and listening in English. In my opinion Canda English School's way of teaching is the best choice to learn a language, that's why I would like to go back in the near future to improve my English even more."

Carlos Dumont  

"I had a wonderful time at Canada English School in Kamloops. I experienced lots of new things and I enjoyed everything! I could learn not only English but also crafts, and I loved them. Sheila and Rod, who are my teachers and also my host family, took me to several places. I enjoyed the trips to Vancouver and Banff very much. Although I stayed at CES for two months, the time past very quickly. I think that's because I had lots of fun. I could ask my teachers questions any time even when it is not school time. My teachers taught me what I wanted to learn and what I needed to learn. It was really nice to spend all the summer with them in Kamloops!"

Keiko B.  

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Canada English School is located in Kamloops, British Columbia. Situated at the junction of two rivers, Kamloops is a clean, safe city of 85,000 people. Both winter and summer recreational activities abound. Come in the winter and ski at a world class ski resort on the weekends. The resort is just a short 55 minute drive away and is never crowded. In the summer, the area's rivers and lakes play host to camping, fishing, boating and water sports.

Shopping opportunities in Kamloops are also first-rate. Too small for traffic congestion, and well serviced by a modern bus system, it takes just a few minutes to travel to that special restaurant or beach, or to one of Kamloops' eight golf courses.

Vancouver is only a four hour drive away on a high speed freeway, and Banff is a six hour drive to the east through some of the most beautiful scenery in the world.

Students coming from other countries enjoy Kamloops' friendliness and its wide open spaces.


Programs and Electives

ESL · Beginner
· Intermediate
· Advanced
TOEFL - TOEIC Preparation
Goal Specific Vocabulary
Travel - 1 to 4 day sight-seeing trips

Practical English, our ESL program, includes:
• Listening & Reading Comprehension
• Pronunciation and Phonics
• Written English with Grammar & Spelling
• Conversational English - Idioms & Slang