Takuro at Sun Peaks

Study all of the pages at this web site carefully. It contains all the general information about our school or courses. We would be happy to answer any special questions you have. We do not have a brochure or any other information to send you by mail. It is all here on this web site. If you are interested in studying at CES, click on the APPLY button below…there is no cost to apply. The emergency contact person in your own country should be able to speak some English. Please understand that Canada English School is a small school, and we may be full at the time you want to attend. This is why CES does not charge a fee to apply. Please apply early to avoid disappointment.

Once it has been determined that you will be able to attend at a time that is good for you, we will send you a Student Enrollment Agreement by mail or by email (.pdf). When you receive the Student Enrollment Agreement, study it carefully. Make sure you understand it. Make a copy and mail back a copy of the Student Enrollment Agreement to CES. Keep a copy for your records. You will also need to send a money order in Canadian funds for $150. This homestay reservation fee is not refundable if you have to cancel. Once we receive your signed Student Enrollment Agreement and $150, we will send you a Letter of Acceptance. This web site contains all the information about our school, but we would be happy to answer any other questions you may have concerning CES or your stay in Canada. Email questions by using the link below. If you do not have a passport, you should apply for one soon. Send no money now.


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If you have any questions after checking the FAQ, please send us an email at: