”I was only at CES for five weeks, but my teacher was able to spend a lot of individual time with me because there were only two students. As a result, my pronunciation has greatly improved, and I have more confidence in my listening and conversational skills. I think my decision to go to CES was the best for me.”

Yuka T.



Each student recieves a             certificate.

“Thank you for your kindness to me, and I miss you so much. Sorry, I have to go!”

Yumika I.


Intense - Focused Learning!

Our ESL course of study is made to suit each student. You choose what your focus will be, and we will help you reach your goals. We won't try to fit you into a program. Instead, together, we will design a course of study just for you. What is your weakness - grammar?; pronunciation? We will spend extra time with you in these areas. Are you wanting to take the TOEFL or TOEIC tests? We will study the various types of questions and practice taking the tests. You want to increase your vocabulary? We have excellent materials that will help you learn new words quickly, and will even focus on specific areas, such as college preparation or business English. Do you mainly need to improve your conversation skills? With a one-on-one teacher, the student speaks 1/2 of the time! This means that you will receive the optimum amount of conversation practice, no matter what your focus is. Please note that some areas like TOEFL and TOEIC studies, are not appropriate for beginning English students. Do you have an interest in computers? Let us show you how to type and format a resumé, search the Internet, make a web page!


Classes are from 9:00am to 3:00pm Monday through Friday, with the exception of Canadian holidays. Because CES is in our home, the scheduling is relaxed, but the learning time is very intense. We have an "English only" policy. This may be difficult for the beginning level students, but it will help to maximize the learning process. Weekly activities like ice skating, hiking, and crafts are also included in our schedule.


At CES, the opportunities to learn continue after classes!

There are many things that you can do after school. During this time, your teacher will continue to correct your pronunciation & grammar as you share in the day-to-day activities of a Canadian family. After class you may want to rest, go shopping, or use the computer to study English. Supper is a good time to practice your conversation as you help with meal preparation and clean up. After supper you might want to do a little homework, walk in the nearby nature park, or spend time with your teacher. Later, you may want to watch a movie on our close caption TV, or catch up on news from home via the Internet.



Below are some of the areas of study available to you. Just let your teacher know what you want to focus on.

  • ESL Studies - Beginner   •   Intermediate   •   Advanced
  • TOEIC and TOEFL test training
  • Goal specific vocabulary - for work, study or travel
  • School time activities - crafts, recreation, shopping
  • Sight-seeing trips: 1 to 4 days


Our ESL Studies Includes:

• Extensive pronunciation and phonics course (our specialty)
• Conversational English with idioms and slang
• Listening and reading comprehension
• Written English with grammer and spelling



Students can begin classes on any day of the week (Monday to Friday) all year long except for the Chrismas holidays. Most students begin on a Monday. We have two week break for Christmas but homestay is available for those students who want to have a Canadian Christmas. Apply soon as classes can fill up quickly in a small school.